Dramatic Chrome update gives millions new reason to ditch Windows 10

It’s a nightmare for many especially as one of the biggest issues facing Windows 10 fans is that their PCs aren’t compatible with Windows 11 and that means the only way to avoid future problems is to upgrade to a newer device. Right on cue, a new breed of Windows 11 machines are about to be released which will give consumers more choice when heading to their local technology store.

The update is all thanks to US technology giant Qualcomm – a company famed for its Snapdragon smartphone chips – who is about to unleash a new processor designed for PCs.

The Snapdragon X Elite was actually announced late last year and should start arriving in devices this summer. Qualcomm is promising some serious performance from its new brain with it able to deliver up to two times faster CPU performance than its rivals. Longer battery life and improved AI will also be headline features of the X Elite.

Although devices won’t start shipping for another few months, Google has thrown its weight behind the chip with the firm announcing it will release a version of Chrome optimised for X Elite-powered devices.

That’s a major boost for Qualcomm as Chrome continues to be the world’s most-used web browser.

“We’ve designed Chrome browser to be fast, secure and easy to use across desktops and mobile devices, and we’re always looking for ways to bring this experience to more people,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President, Google. “Our close collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies will help ensure that Chrome users get the best possible experience while browsing the Web on current ARM-compatible PCs.”

According to Qualcomm, preliminary tests using its Snapdragon X Elite show the new Chrome will offer a dramatic performance improvement. That should not only make surfing the web faster but also use less power doing it.

“The new version of Google Chrome will help cement Snapdragon X Elite’s role as the premier platform for Windows PCs starting in mid 2024,” said Cristiano Amon, President and CEO, Qualcomm Inc. “The PC industry is on the cusp of an inflection point, and as we enter the era of the AI PC, we can’t wait to see Chrome shine by taking advantage of the powerful Snapdragon X Elite system.”

More news of Snapdragon Elite PCs will be announced in the coming months but if you are thinking about finally ditching Windows 10 then it’s worth waiting to see just how good these devices will actually be.

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