‘I cheated on my boyfriend with our neighbour’

“Please know that I already know what we did was incredibly wrong,” Becky told Reddit. “What I don’t know is the right way to handle it from here.”

On New Year’s Eve, Becky had a few friends and her long-term boyfriend at her house, all hanging out in the garden hot tub with music playing and drinks flowing.

“My neighbour [let’s call him Joe] texted me around 11:30pm, saying he was home by himself and asking if he could come over and have a drink with us at midnight. I said yes,” Becky said.

“For background, Joe and I are friendly,” Becky explained. “In the few years we’ve lived next to each other [we’ve done] normal neighbour stuff like [picking up] packages [when the other person isn’t in].”

Becky continued: “We have hung out maybe three times and one of those was with his new fiancée, someone he met in the last year, quickly became engaged to, and recently bought a house with a few streets over.

“By the time Joe arrived, we were all pretty drunk, including Joe. We celebrated New Year’s and shortly after midnight people started trickling inside, including my boyfriend.

“Those in the hot tub were still dancing and listening to music, and I had some of Joe’s tequila; things get real fuzzy after that.”

What Becky does remember, however, is Joe getting handsy with her “under the waterline where others couldn’t see”.

“I don’t know why I didn’t stop him but instead I seem to have reciprocated,” Becky admitted.

When more people went inside, and it was only Joe and Becky left in the hot tub, he had tried it on her.

Shying away, Becky proposed he come round the following Tuesday when her boyfriend wouldn’t be home.

“I truly have no idea why I did this and I feel absolutely awful and disgusted with myself,” Becky said.

“At some point, my boyfriend came out to see us full-on making out and essentially chased Joe out of the [garden].”

Becky and her boyfriend spent many days and nights arguing about what had happened and continued to have conversations about what it meant for their relationship.

But then Tuesday came around and Joe turned up at Becky’s door – instead of starting up an affair, they spoke about what happened.

“My instinct, and Joe’s, is that there is no reason to hurt his fiancée and their relatively new relationship by telling her what happened,” said Becky.

“And so while we don’t understand why we did it, both of us know it will never happen again.”

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