Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell ‘disrespect’ neighbours of £2m mansion | F1 | Sport

A decision is yet to be made by the local authority on Horner and Halliwell’s application for a swimming pool, though the couple had previously been praised for their respect of a Grade II Listed Home.

Elizabeth Pickup, from historical building experts Worlledge Associates, told the Daily Mail in 2022: “Since buying the house, the current owners have overseen an extensive programme of repairs, maintenance and alterations.

“This process of managed change has meant that the house, grounds, and ancillary structures have been retained as a heritage asset, while enabling the continued use of the property as a family home that can adapt to suit the needs of modern family living.

“The current occupiers have invested considerably in repair, maintenance, and inventive re-use of redundant buildings on the site. The main house provides a much-loved home for a busy, growing family, with bedroom space under increasing pressure to meet their needs.”

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