Orchids will bloom beautifully ‘for at least 20 years’ with one plant care tip

The gardening enthusiast promised her top orchid care tip will keep the orchid blooming “for at least 20 years”.

Jessie admitted: “Orchids have a bad rep because they die so easily. But I figured out a way to keep your orchids alive for basically ever, or at least 20 years.”

In her video posted on the social media platform, fans are first shown her orchid that has no blooms.

Taking the barren orchid out from its flower pot that is full of bark soil, Jessie removed the soil completely from the roots of the houseplant.

“Although the top looked like it was dying,” Jessie said, referring to her orchid that has no blooms, “it had so much life left in the roots”.

Jessie revealed: “That’s how you can tell which plants are saveable or not, if the roots are white.”

Placing her orchid in a pot of water, Jessie asserted: “I heard that if you put your orchid in water and leave it there for eternity, it will thrive a lot more than it does sitting in fir bark or soil.”

Jessie added: “Now here’s the thing, orchids require bright light and they also are seasonal bloomers, which means the flowers fall off in the winter but they grow back in the summer.

“So a lot of people think that they need to throw their orchids out when the flowers fall off.” Jessie recommended that you don’t as “they grow back”.

A fan named Eli claimed: “My orchids bloom twice a year – December and sometimes in July or August; she’s almost 17 years old.”

ClownOfTheGroup said: “I can say this actually works. I’ve finally had an orchid survive and rebloom because of this method.”

The commenter clarified: “You can leave it in water forever, just make sure to clean and change the water every seven days.”

Meganharding_x noted: “I did this with my orchid! Cleaned out an empty Yankee candle jar and it’s thriving under water.”

One criticism of Jessie’s method is the choice of pot she used, which in the video is opaque.

Papa Oana said: “Darling, you need a transparent pot; the roots need light. In eight years I never switched the pot… I keep them in water two hours per week, and they bloom all the year.”

Another TikTok commentator, Taylor quipped: “I just got gifted an orchid so I want to desperately keep it alive.”

Tash claimed: “I have mine in glass with bark and moss, and they are in flowers almost all year around.”

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