Alan Titchmarsh shares how to grow spectacular hydrangeas that will blow you away

is full of fantastic tips when it comes to all things related – and that includes .

The gardening pro previously spoke to when he shared his top tips for getting the best out of your hydrangeas as the weather starts to warm up.

He claimed that these plants can “look spectacular with big, showy blooms, but hydrangeas need a lot of water and TLC” from now up until the end of summer.

Despite them not being “bog plants” ( that always need to be kept moist), watering and soil conditions are very important to hydrangeas.

Alan warned: “Dry, sandy soil in a sun-baked position cannot provide them with the sustenance they need.”

Instead, he recommended: “If you are planting a new one, make sure that the soil in which you plant them has been beefed up with plenty of well-rotted garden compost or manure.

“This will act like a sponge and hold on to moisture when the surrounding soil is drying out. 

“Water new hydrangeas copiously during the first weeks of their establishment at this time of year.”

Hydrangeas can be planted year-round but for best results plant them now in spring or autumn when the ground is moist and not frozen.

Hydrangeas can cope with full sunshine provided that the soil in which they are growing is not likely to dry out, so if you are on lighter stuff “give them a spot in dappled shade where they are likely to be less stressed”.

For those growing hydrangeas in pots and tubs, Alan said: “Water them every day in summer – morning and evening when it is hot and sunny – adding liquid feed once a week in spring and summer.”

Alan noted that chalky soils are great for certain hydrangeas, one of which is the variety “Annabelle”, which has frothy white heads of flower.

Annabelle hydrangeas are hugely popular flowering shrubs that tick many boxes. They are gorgeous, reliable, and need little maintenance each year.

If gardeners follow his recommended advice above, the expert claimed that when they see hydrangeas in bloom, the plant “will blow you away”.

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