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Fans of the Royal Family were full of concern when they realised that Lady Louise Windsor was missing from the Easter service at St George’s Chapel.

Taking to the social media platform Twitter/X, they asked where Lady Louise was and why she wasn’t attending one of the key events on the royal calendar.

Commenting on footage of senior royals arriving, Stella wrote: “Sophie looks stunning and James is such a handsome young man. Where is beautiful Lady Louise though?” Fellow user Momo added: “I wonder where Lady Louise is.”

Despite the alarm by some royal fans about Lady Louise’s absence, there was a simple reason behind Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh’s daughter missing the service for a second year in a row.

Ok! Magazine reported that the reason is because she is currently studying English literature at the University of St Andrews and the Easter service falls during term time when students are busy revising for the summer exams.

Lady Louise, 20, is one of the up-and-coming members of the Royal Family who could play a role in the Firm’s future.

However, according to one royal expert, she is not guaranteed to become a working royal and may have the freedom to work in any profession she chooses.

Another expert suggested that whether or not Lady Louise becomes a working royal, she could still go down as an icon of the Firm.

Royal expert Jenny Bond told Ok! that Lady Louise could take inspiration from her cousin Zara Tindall and forge her own path.

She explained: “Louise is only 20, she is enjoying university life and she undoubtedly casts an eye at her cousin, Zara Tindall, and sees the independence and freedom and fun she has in her life as a much-loved member of the Royal Family, but not a working royal.

“I would bet that Louise will follow a similar course. I’m doubtful that Lady Louise would ever become a full-time working royal.

“[P]artly because I’m not sure she would want to, and also, because The King and William know only too well that the monarchy has to be increasingly accountable to the taxpayer.”

Ms Bond explained: “The most common complaint about the Royal Family is that they cost too much. Extra working royals would mean extra staff, extra administration, extra security – extra cost.”

While Lady Louise’s future – either as a working royal or as something else – is still up in the air, one expert has said she is already on track to become a “royal fashion icon”.

Style expert Danielle Rogers-Clark predicted: “Lady Louise’s style is elegant and refined, perhaps a little grown up for a 20-year-old. We know that she borrowed the Stella McCartney navy coat from her mum Sophie.”

“Lady Louise has the potential to be a Royal Fashion icon, it is all about finding her confidence and own sense of style, although in her position I would definitely be raiding Sophie’s wardrobe too!”

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