The health conditions drivers need to report to DVLA or risk £1,000 fine

Darren explained: “The requirement for drivers to surrender their licence to the DVLA if their condition affects their driving for three months or more is crucial for safety. The DVLA may issue a new shorter-term licence, or recommend special adaptations to the vehicle to accommodate specific needs from the individual’s medical condition.”

Drivers must also report any changes in their health that could impact their ability to drive safely. He continued: “These decisions not only safeguard individual drivers, but also contribute to overall road safety, minimising the risk of accidents caused by medical issues.”

Darren warns that changes could mean stricter rules for reporting health conditions or changes to the renewal process. Right now, you have to report at 70 years old, but they might lower this to 65 years old.

He added: “Such changes could lead to more frequent assessments of older drivers’ fitness to drive, ensuring that they meet the necessary standards for road safety. However, any alterations must balance safety concerns with the practical needs of drivers.”

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