Thousands of Israelis protest against Netanyahu over war with Hamas | World | News

Tens of thousands of Israelis have poured on to the streets of Jerusalem in the largest protest against Benjamin Netanyahu since the start of the war against Hamas.

A series of demonstrations have been staged in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, which saw people campaigning for the release of the 130 hostages being held captive since October 7.

Relatives of the captives demanded Israeli Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu step down and branded him an “obstacle” to a peace deal.

They lit fires and smoke flares as they called for Hamas terrorists to release the hostages.

“Enough killing, enough despair,” was the chant in Tel Aviv.

It came as Mr Netanyahu was poised to undergo surgery for a hernia last night following a meeting of his war cabinet.

Officials said he would be under full anaesthesia. The hernia was discovered during a routine check-up on Saturday night.

Mr Netanyahu said yesterday he would be “back very soon” after his surgery and repeated a promise that Israel would destroy Hamas.

Yesterday an Israeli delegation arrived in Egypt as peace talks with Hamas were set to resume in the latest bid for a truce after nearly six months of war.

Hamas said it was waiting to hear from mediators as to how talks would be moved forward.

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