Permanently get rid of weeds with DIY solution that will ensure they don’t come back

Annoying weeds don’t have to be a constant concern for you or your home’s surroundings anymore.

There’s a DIY weed solution that you need to try if you’ve been dealing with pesky weeds that seem to not disappear or spring back up every time you attempt to eliminate them.

Determined to kill weeds around her yard, a TikToker who goes by TheJennovation on social media shared her solution that she claims will get rid of weeds permanently.

“Safe cheap and easy DIY weed killer. Weeds are a pain,” she said in a TikTok upload where she detailed the process she uses.

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Stir in a tablespoon of dish soap and mix well. Soak the plants you want to kill, being sure not to spray it on nearby plants you don’t intend to kill.

If you have leftovers, save them labeled in a cool, dark place in case you have tougher weeds that need a second spray.

Rinse your sprayer well to prevent any contamination to future projects, and sit back and relax.

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