Angry driver brandishes boxing gloves as road rage over speed limit boils over

An angry road user pulled out a pair of boxing gloves and confronted a fellow motorist after a disagreement about speed limits quickly spiralled out of control.

The motorist, who appears to be in their mid-50s, even asked another driver if he wanted to “to try it on” in a dramatic road rage incident caught on camera.

The driver filming the incident supposedly beeped his horn at the gentleman for driving too slowly.

The cameraman quickly suggested the man was travelling around 20mph in a 40mph speed limit zone which promoted the frustration.

The older driver has been compared by social media users to notorious angry driver Ronnie Pickering and even football fan the Wealdstone Raider.

After pulling up by the side of the road, the man opens his boot and quickly pulls out a pair of boxing gloves before storming to the window.

He forcefully bangs on the cameraman’s glass in clear frustration with the pair arguing over who was at fault.

All the while, the man starts to put on his boxing gloves as if he is preparing for a fight.

The road user filming the incident is clearly amused and unthreatened, laughing loudly at the hilarity of the situation.

The man with the gloves appears to escalate the feud, adding: “Do you want to try some? Do you want to try it on? What’s your problem then?

“You’re quite happy sitting in your car tooting your horn aren’t you, but when someone comes up to you… Come on you’re a man, sitting in your car tooting your horn, get out of your car.”

Seconds later, he even offers the cameraman his own pair of gloves as if coaxing him into battle.

The incident was uploaded to social media site X on Monday where it has since been viewed by a staggering 1.2million people.

One eagle-eyed viewer quickly spotted the man was sporting two right-hand gloves instead of one set.

@Smashed_Crab420 explained: “He’s got his two lefts in the boot, just for when he really wants to ramp it up!”

@_HCross reacted: “The final line ‘I’ve got another pair in the boot’ hahahahahhahahaha that’s done me that.”

@Neilo 1986 added: “No way is it real.”

The man with the gloves tried to defend himself, arguing that 40mph was the maximum speed limit and not how fast everyone should be travelling.

He argued: “You overtook me tooting your car. What’s your problem? I wasn’t driving slow. I was driving within my limits. It’s chucking it down with rain. I was driving within my limits. It’s still wet, the roads are still slippery.”

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