Hydrangeas grow beautiful big blooms with watering tricks

Horticulturalist at ScottsMiracle-Gro Amy Enfield revealed three watering tricks to help hydrangeas display big and gorgeous flowers.

Bold and bright blooms on woody hydrangea shrubs are possible throughout spring and summer when they are taken care of.

And more blooms can appear when the shrub is watered the way the expert recommended.

Shrub specialist Amy Enfield shared to the Martha Stewart website that “hydrangeas should be watered deeply several times per week to encourage deep root growth”.

The key is to water the base of the plant in the garden so that the leaves and flowers are left dry.

“It is also best to water in the morning to help reduce wilting during the heat of day,” said Amy.

Three watering tricks for beautiful big blooms

  1. Water hydrangeas deeply several times per week
  2. Water the base, and not the leaves or flowers
  3. Water the hydrangeas in the mornings

There are other essential gardening tasks to ensure hydrangeas bloom vivid and plentiful flowers. Adding mulch around the hydrangeas “will help keep the soil moist and cool”.

Amy explained: “All hydrangea types grow best with consistent moisture, but big leaf and smooth hydrangeas require more water than other varieties.”

Where you plant hydrangeas in the garden has a huge impact on how they will bloom. “Avoid planting your hydrangea where it gets hot, direct full afternoon sun,” advised Amy.

“While the plant may survive, the constant stress of the full, hot sun will reduce flowering.”

Thus, if you have hydrangeas in a spot that receives all-day sunshine, the shrub may not bloom as beautifully as it could if it were planted in a partially shaded area.

The perfect time to plant hardier hydrangeas is in September so that roots can take hold before blooming season next June.

For those to have their hydrangeas bloom this summer, be aware of over fertilising the ground. While a little fertiliser can encourage the growth of spectacular blooms, too much could be harmful.

Amy elaborated: “Additional plant food can be used throughout the growing season, but keep in mind that adding too much nitrogen to the soil in spring may reduce flowering.”

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