Chef shares ‘game-changing’ tip to cook jacket potatoes in 15 minutes – no oven

Nobody likes a jacket potato that’s hard in the middle and soft on the outside, but the opposite is difficult to master.

While many people battle with hours of oven to achieve perfectly crispy skin, it’s unnecessary according to one cook.

Poppy O’Toole, also known as @‌poppycooks on TikTok, shared a quick and easy recipe for jacket potatoes that has been viewed by over three million people.

She said: “Now I know I’m a professional chef and I do love fine dining, but I want to show you a cost-effective way to cook.”

“At the minute I’m using my to cook – and I love it! “.

Poppy continued: “Jacket potatoes, lovely comforting dinner…and really good if you’re in a rush as this is a quick recipe.”

To start, Poppy pierced two jacket potatoes with a fork and then covered them with oil and salt.

After rubbing this all over the spuds, she put them into the microwave for six to 10 minutes at 800 watts.

‌Poppy explained: “Then it goes straight into the air fryer at 200C for about 15-20 minutes and that makes it super golden on the outside, it gets crisped up and the inside is super fluffy, delicate and steaming hot.

“They’re a great base for a cost-efficient and energy-efficient dinner.”

The beauty of this cooking method isn’t just that it takes very little time, but lends itself to endless topping possibilities.

As air fryers are so easy to access on top of the kitchen counter, there’s no reason not to quickly melt some toppings onto the potato just before taking it out.

Poppy said: “You can load it up with whatever you fancy, I like myself a little bit of chilli-cheese or beans.”

As for how the recipe turned out for those who tried it, one fan named Jazz commented: ” I made these this evening!! They’re so tasty!”

A second TikTok user wrote: “This is exactly how I make mine game changer.” A third added: “Made this and was so delicious definitely going to make it again. Lived up to expectations.”

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