Pressing one button found in every car could ‘increase fuel consumption by 10 percent’

British drivers have been warned pressing a button found in almost every vehicle in the UK could dramatically impact petrol and diesel fuel use. 

Experts at CarShop have claimed using electric components inside a vehicle may be convenient but could backfire in the long run. 

Switching on common appliances such as air conditioning or the rear window heater could be “costing a considerable amount of money”. 

The experts also suggested that important safety tools such as demisting devices and even a car’s headlights would also use up fuel. 

It comes amid rising motoring costs with motorists struggling to stay on the roads as fees rise across the board.

CarShop explained: “Cutting down on the use of a car’s electrics can help reduce fuel consumption considerably over time. 

“If the use of air conditioning, rear window heater, demister fan and headlights aren’t needed, make sure they are turned off.

“In-car air conditioning can increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption by 8-10 percent alone, meaning this feature could be costing drivers a considerable amount of money every year.”

BookMyGarage, the leading comparison site to find the best service and repair costs, revealed more common tools used by motorists which could have an impact. 

They commented: “In fact, everything from the heater blowers, lights and sound systems in your car will be using additional power, which can slightly impact fuel economy. 

“Only use what you need, and you could notice an improvement in fuel efficiency.” The warning comes as new data from RAC Fuel Watch shows another hike in fuel prices so far in 2024. 

Petrol prices are now up by around 9p per litre since the start of the year with rates jumping from 140.45p per litre in January to 149.51p per litre today. 

Unleaded fees are also higher than last month when rates averaged at 145.45p per litre across the UK. 

Diesel costs are also up by 10p per litre so far in 2024 with charges just 147.62p back in January compared to 157.99p per litre in April.

Experts at KwikFit, one of the UK’s leading repair garages, suggested how motorists could try and cut back when behind the wheel. 

They stressed: “When you initially set off, the air con has to work hard to bring the internal temperature down to a comfortable level. 

“However, once the car has cooled enough, you can choose to reduce the flow rate, increase the temperature or turn the air con off altogether.”

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