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Prince Harry has made significant strides in his journey toward independence from the Royal Family, firmly establishing California as his permanent home.

The Duke of Sussex’s official change of primary residence from the UK to the US, backdated to June 29, 2023, coincides with Buckingham Palace‘s confirmation of their departure from Frogmore Cottage.

Sean O’Grady, Associate Editor at The Independent, views this latest move as a deliberate gesture toward the Royal Family, noting that it represents a definitive break from them.

He called Prince Harry‘s decision a “snub” to his family, and “a further sign that he’s gone to California for good”.

O’Grady suggested that this transition marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Sussexes, independent from their previous royal connections.

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He said: “It is a bit painful to reflect on all the goodwill for the future heaped on Harry and Meghan when they got married, only six years ago next month.

“Whoever is to blame for the collapse in their relationship with Britain since, the country lost something quite special when the Sussexes decamped to North America.”

O’Grady noted that the process of distancing himself from his royal ties is ongoing, with Prince Harry changing his surname from Mountbatten-Windsor to Sussex.

He said: “Nor does the process feel complete; it’s not long since he officially changed his surname, and that of his family, from Mountbatten-Windsor to plain Sussex.”


Looking ahead, O’Grady speculated on the couple’s future trajectory, questioning whether assuming the Sussex title is the logical next step for the pair.

He also raised the question of when — or if — Prince Harry will seek US citizenship, a move that would underscore their commitment to their Californian lifestyle.

He concluded: “The next logical step for the couple is to become Mr and Mrs Sussex. Then it will be how long before the Duke of Sussex seeks US citizenship, complete with passport?”

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