Expert shares 10 cars that ‘retain value exceptionally well in the UK’

In an exclusive chat to, Aidan Rushby – the founder and CEO of Carmoola, a car finance app – revealed which cars retain their value and why this is so.

“Cars that tend to hold their value well usually combine quality build, brand strength, and a strong demand in the used car market,” said Rushby.

“Economic factors and changing preferences, such as the increasing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, also play a significant role in influencing car resale values.”

One of the best used cars that retains its value is the Mini Cooper, a “British icon” that “holds its value due to its enduring appeal”.

Next is the Land Rover Defender, which is “known for its rugged durability and luxury” that makes it “highly sought after”.

Then there’s the Porsche Macan, “a compact SUV that combines luxury with performance, making it a desirable option in the resale market”.

Rushby added that the Volkswagen Golf, especially the GTI and electric-powered model, “is a favourite sporty hatchback” that maintains a high resale value.

Another highly sought after car is the Toyota Corolla, which is renowned for its reliability and efficiency. “The Corolla has a strong following and retains value very well,” said Rushby. 

Known as “one of the UK’s best-selling cars”, the Ford Fiesta has a low depreciation value thanks to its popularity and affordability.

“Plus, as it has now been discontinued the only option for a Fiesta fan is to buy a used car,” added Rushby. The Audi Q5 also has a good resale value as it blends “brand clout and practicality”.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class, a premium small car, “holds its value due to the prestigious brand and high-tech features”.

Two other cars that retain their value well are the BMW 3 Series and Honda Jazz.

The BMW 3 Series “is a make known for its engineering and performance” while the Honda Jazz is “known for its versatility and reliability”.

Rusby said: “The growing market for electric vehicles could see models like the Tesla Model 3 maintaining strong resale values.”

He explained: “Charging infrastructure continues to improve, and low emissions zones are expanding.”

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