Princess Diana ‘detested’ subject of Prince Harry’s new Netflix series | Royal | News

Prince Harry grew up playing polo, but his late mother, Princess Diana, was not a fan of the sport.

The late Princess of Wales’s opinion of the horseback-ridden sport – usually played by the upper echelons of society – has been revisited after Harry revealed plans for a Netflix documentary about it.

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith talks about Diana’s disdain for a favourite hobby of husband King Charles, saying in her newsletter: “Diana came to detest the game, which she considered rough and boring.”

The then-Prince Charles spent a lot of his time on the field, which he considered an “escape” from the stresses of life, says Ms Bedell Smith.

But, for Diana it was quite the opposite: she felt neglected and became resentful, feeling she had to schedule Prince William’s birth around Charles’s polo schedule, according to the royal biographer.

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