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Much like the PS5 before it, the PlayStation Portal has been hard to come by in the months since launch. Stock shortages have left customers unable to purchase the device with any consistency, which is why EE has good news for PlayStation fans. UK customers have been given the opportunity to pick up the PS5 handheld, but only with an EE account. It’s all part of the phone company’s gaming initiative, which gives people the chance to add video game bundles to their monthly bill. This includes the PlayStation Portal bundle, which contains the handheld device, 24-months of PS Plus Extra and two years of Gamer’s Data Pass and Video Data Pass. The latter gives customers an extra dose of mobile data, which is perfect for online gaming and video streaming.

The bundle is available for existing EE customers. If you’re interested in picking up the PlayStation Portal console and aforementioned extras, then you can login to your account and add it to your plan.

It costs £10 upfront, and then £18 a month for another two years. That’s a total cost of £442 over the two year period.

If the PlayStation Portal isn’t your thing, then EE is offering various other handheld and console deals for existing customers.

The Legion Go, for example, is available for £35 upfront and £60 a month for 11 months. The Asus ROG Ally costs £30 upfront and £60 a month for 11 months, while the Razer Edge is £10 upfront and £40 a month for 11 months.

However, with all the recent stock shortages, the PlayStation Portal is the most appealing bundle of the lot.

The PlayStation Portal is a handheld device capable of playing PS5 games via streaming.

While this is something that can also be achieved using a smartphone with the PlayStation app, the Portal shares more in common with the PS5 console.

Indeed, the PlayStation Portal’s 8-inch LCD screen sits between what is essentially a DualSense controller.

This means the PlayStation Portal features the same immersive controls as the PS5, including advanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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