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Fortnite fans are counting down to the release of update 29.30 on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android. The new Fortnite update has been given an April 23 release date on all platforms. Matchmaking will be disabled at 8.30am BST, followed by full server downtime at 9am UK time. It looks like update 29.30 is going to be the biggest update of the season so far, featuring a ton of new content and multiple pop culture crossovers. Indeed, the news was announced by Epic Games on X, alongside a preview of the new NIKE crossover and Billie Eilish appearance. “Downtime for v29.30 begins at 4 AM ET with matchmaking ending shortly beforehand,” reads an Epic tweet. 

According to Fortnite insider Hypex, the new update could also feature a new Star Wars crossover, a potential X-Men ’97 collaboration, the return of the Tactical AR and lots more.

This includes a new setting that allows players to not see certain emotes that are sometimes used in a confrontational way.

Found in the Social Privacy menu, the ‘See Confrontational Emotes’ setting applies to the ‘Laugh It Up’ emote, as well as ‘Take the L’, ‘Whipcrack’ and ‘Make It Plantain’.

With the setting enabled users will see a player using the Emote standing still, with no Emote sound.

Elsewhere, Epic will also fix an issue with the timer for Page two Quest Rewards in the Battle Pass ending early. The rewards will become available when v29.30 is released.

The remaining update 29.30 patch notes can be seen below the leaked Fortnite 2024 roadmap.

Fortnite update 29.30 patch notes…


• Players may be unable to use their driving controls when attempting to drive a Vehicle.

 – Players may have their driving controls “Unbound” and become unresponsive when attempting to drive a Vehicle on PlayStation 5.

• Gifting Unavailable For Some Players

 – Some players may appear ineligible to send or receive gifts despite the Gifting setting appearing enabled. We’re working on a fix for this and will update the card when it’s resolved.


• The visual indicator showing “First Match Loss Prevention” in Ranked Battle Royale & Ranked Zero Build has been temporarily disabled.

– You will still receive First Match Loss Prevention, but it won’t be able to see the indicator until the fix is implemented in a future game update.


• Tracks sometimes have unexpected collisions

• Console and Mobile players may experience hitches while navigating Discover Menu

• “First match protected” text is occasionally displayed after switching game modes

• Occasionally after skipping the Rocket Racing trailer, screen turns black and is unresponsive.


• Camera stuck during first Storm Shield or Tutorial cutscene

 – We’re investigating an issue during early mission cutscenes in Save The World where players camera will become stuck during the end of the Tutorial or first Storm Shield Defense.

• Crosshairs disappear after eating a consumable.

 – Crosshairs will sometimes disappear for the duration of the mission after eating a consumable foraged off plants or animals.

• View Distance Rendering

 – We are aware of reports when the player switches view distance to low settings that builds and other objects may not render correctly.

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