How to get rid of ants in gardens with expert’s one natural remedy

are one common pests that can cause problems, especially if you have slabs or paving in your .

Ants typically emerge in the spring as temperatures get warmer and daylight hours are longer. These need to be deterred in gardens to stop them from entering homes.

Whether you have an ant infestation in your patio, or you’re looking to prevent one, Steven Walley, patio and paving expert from London Stone has shared his best advice.

He explained that ants aren’t just a nuisance or unsightly in your garden but “if they dig enough sand out from under your patio slabs or paved driveway, it can cause problems”. 

Steven continued: “By tunnelling through the sand under and between your paving, they can damage the integrity of the joints, causing paver sinkage. 

“This cannot only make the floor unlevelled but it can also cause bigger gaps to appear between paving slabs, leading to weeds and moss to grow.”

The first step to getting rid of ants is to spot the signs. To do so, look out for sand or dirt piles. 

Ants leave this behind as they dig down under your pavers. This also indicates the ant nest is close by, so it’s a good place to focus any treatments you use here.

These pests are particularly drawn to gardens by compost bins, household bins and standing water. Steven said: “If you have a compost bin, make sure it is placed far away from your house and your patio garden as this can attract insects such as ants. 

“Similarly, make sure bins are regularly emptied – both inside and outside – as ants are often drawn to food and standing water.”

Once the source has been removed or moved to a different area, “ants should naturally move on”. If they don’t, there are some “natural remedies” you can try to deter them – one of which is .

Steven said: “A white vinegar and water solution is a common method to wipe out ants as they don’t like the smell of acidic items such as vinegar.”

Mix one part vinegar with three parts water and spray anywhere you’ve spotted ants, to help “deter the trail”. 

“If your garden patio is near the entryway of your home, don’t forget to spray the solution on entry points such as window sills and backdoors, to deter them from coming inside.” Spray the solution once a week or so and you should see an improvement.

The expert added that households can also use the skins of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges as a natural repellent. 

Just scatter them around entryways and this will act as a natural deterrent. 

Similarly, coffee beans, cinnamon and salt can have the same effect so sprinkle these along entryways if you’re having problems.

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