Puddles Pity Party review: The balm you need after a sad week | Theatre | Entertainment

In essence, at its core, Puddles’ party is a night of pop songs covered in a cabaret style. Somewhat jazzified in a croonerish way, with – perhaps – Frank Sinatra‘s style at its foundation.

During the almost two-hour show (which felt a little too long), Puddles elevated versions of Sia’s Chandelier, Adele’s Hello, a Mexican song about tequila, and a ballad about Kevin Costner.

Whatever Puddles put his gilded vocals to – satire or conic beauty – he somehow perfected it. His multi-toned voice reached levels of vocal ability I have only seen from some of the world’s greatest singers.

Despite how objectively perfect his performance was, though, Puddles Pity Party wasn’t really about that. It was more about a feeling of coming together, despite the sea of strangers you were sitting in.

Before the show, a hilarious slideshow played on the big screen, detailing how new friendships with strangers will help fend off loneliness.

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