Simple tip helps drivers improve car’s fuel economy and takes minutes

According to the AA, fuel prices began to rise once again during February 2024, with the average cost of a litre of petrol costing 143.5p and diesel increasing to 152.5p per litre.

However, the TikTok user stated that drivers can still save a significant amount of money by taking off their vehicle’s roof rack or bars when they are not in use.

Whilst the popular accessory, which is sometimes fitted to cars such as SUVs as standard, can be useful for carrying bulky items, they make the car less aerodynamic.

Later in the video, the expert also reminded drivers that harsh acceleration and breaking can vastly increase the amount of fuel consumed by a car.

He continued: “And drive evenly, which means avoid hard acceleration or braking wherever possible.

“In our tests, frequent bursts of the acceleration and braking reduced fuel economy by two to three miles-per-gallon in a mid-sized sedan [saloon].”

In a manual car, drivers should try to accelerate gently and, where it is safe to do so, coast to a stop rather than braking harshly.

Doing so often can help motorists avoid having to regain any lost momentum, meaning the engine would have to work harder and burn more fuel.

Similarly, avoiding sudden stops can also help owners of many electric cars get better range figures since coasting to a stop will often send any excess energy back to the battery.

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