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Back in 2020, Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins was announced as the writer-director of a new Star Wars movie called Rogue Squadron.

At the time, the filmmaker expressed in a video how she wanted to make the ultimate fighter pilot movie inspired by her late father Captain William T Jenkins, who was a US Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War. 

Little information was given on the project, other than that it would be about a new generation of Rebel Alliance fighters, but fans were excited nonetheless.

That was until plans stalled when Jenkins decided to leave the role, for a time at least, to direct Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 3. 

Yet now that James Gunn has rebooted the DC universe that film’s now not happening and the director is free to return to Rogue Squadron after all.

Speaking on the TCM/Max podcast Talking Picturest, Jenkins said: “So, when I left Star Wars to do Wonder Woman 3, I thought maybe I’ll come back to Star Wars after Wonder Woman 3. So we did a deal for that to happen, started a deal, but I thought I was doing Wonder Woman. When that went away, Lucasfilm and I were like, ‘Oh, we gotta finish this deal.’ We finished the deal right as the strike was happening. So I now owe a draft of Star Wars and so we will see what happens there. You know, like, who knows?”

She added: “It’s hard, they have a hard job in front of them of what’s the first movie they’re gonna do. They have other directors who have been working, but I am now, you know, I’m back on doing Rogue Squadron and we’ll see what happens. We need to develop, you know, get it to where we’re both super happy with it.”

Rogue Squadron’s release date is TBC.

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