Motorists urged to act on petrol and diesel changes ‘before 11.59pm’ today

Drivers who shop at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s are being encouraged to participate in a public consultation about proposed changes to petrol stations and forecourts. These changes could lead to lower petrol and diesel prices.

The Government has suggested that under the new rules, all forecourts in the country would have to share live updates on their pump prices within half an hour of any price change.

This could help drivers save 3p per litre on fuel by helping them find the best deal at the pump. The consultation ends Thursday, March 14 at 11.59pm, and the Government plans to put these changes into action before the year is out.

Jack Cousens, Head of Roads Policy at the AA, said: “What the Government and the CMA is achieving with its pump-price transparency scheme is fast on the road to what the AA has called for and envisaged for more than a decade.

“For years, European countries have provided their motorists with the ability to check pump prices wherever they go and thus spur competition.

“The UK is now getting there. Bringing tech firms into the picture will help that process and lead to innovative use of the price data.”

Steve Dukes, the boss of the price comparison site, said: “Encouraging fuel retailers to share up-to-date pricing information through the PumpWatch initiative will make a huge difference to drivers who are trying to manage costs.

“Naturally they may be tempted to go to their closest station. But being able to research cheaper pumps nearby could save a considerable amount of money when filling up.

“We hope that drivers having this transparency will only encourage retailers to be more competitive with their prices where they can.”

After the consultation announcement, Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho, said: “Our work on competition and transparency is working. Drivers are now paying the lowest average price at the pump for two years.

“We are forcing retailers to share live information on their prices within 30 minutes of any change in price, helping drivers to find the best deal at the pump.

“This will put motorists back in the driving seat and bring much-needed competition back to the forecourts.”

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