Five interior design choices which could devalue your property

There’s nothing worse than walking into a property to be met with garish wallpaper, swirly carpets and outlandish paint colours.

While some buyers can look past your interior design choices, not everyone can which can make your home less desirable to prospective buyers.

With this in mind, Kate Duckworth, trends and interior expert at Swift Direct Blinds has shared which five home decor mistakes are devaluing your home and putting off prospective buyers.

1. Clutter

A cluttered environment will “instantly turn buyers off”, according to Kate as it creates a “chaotic and unwelcoming atmosphere”.

She continued: “Clutter also has the ability to make rooms appear smaller than they are and with airy and spacious rooms at the top of many buyers’ agenda, decluttering rooms is an easy way to increase appeal.

“Psychologically, buyers are also more likely to judge a seller who hasn’t decluttered and assume they may also be neglecting other house maintenance tasks.”

2. Bold paint and maximalism

Many buyers struggle to see past existing home decor so it may be best to opt for neutral tones rather than bold and bright paint colours to create a blank canvas.

According to a recent survey from Swift Direct Blinds, more than a quarter of Britons are looking for minimalistic decor.

3. Incorrect window dressings

Rooms often look better when they’re filled with natural light. One of the “most common mistakes” homeowners make is having window dressings which obstruct natural light.

Kate said: “Avoid heavy and dark materials and instead, opt for light-coloured or sheer curtains or wooden blinds that allow for almost zero obstruction of sunlight.

“Additionally, making sure windows are kept clean will allow even more natural light into rooms.”

4. Removing bathtubs

Walk-in showers are modern and practical, however, 55.6 percent of Britons surveyed said they want a separate bathtub in their home.

Kate added: “Removing the bathtub from your home can shrink the potential buyer pool. Bathtubs can be indispensable for families, especially with young children, making your home unappealing to that clientele.”

5. Bad lighting

Kate said a common “design blunder” that frequently occurs in home decor is only choosing one type of lighting in your home.

For example, just hanging a main light can make other spaces in the room feel dark. Alternatively, your room could feel and look overly sterile with just one light.

The interior expert added: “Perfecting the balance between ambience and task lighting, such as ceiling fittings and floor lamps, is key.”

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