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Understandably parents want to know how much sex and nudity is in a movie before showing it to their children.

Previously some scenes were deemed acceptable for 12 or 12A rating movies, but now they’re more likely to be rated 15 under updated guidelines.

This comes after the BBFC surveyed 12000 people to discover changing attitudes towards sex, violence, drugs and bad language on screen.

According to the BBC, depictions of sexual activity and nudity in a sexual context may be “brief and discreet” in 12 or 12A movies.

Meanwhile, 15 rated films can depict sexual activity “but usually without strong detail” and sexual nudity is permitted “but strong detail is likely to be brief or presented in a comic context.”

Yet following the research, audiences now want “a more cautious approach” to sex scenes that border a 12 and a 15.

Additionally, it was found that viewers are more concerned over violence which may receive higher ratings in the future. 

Meanwhile, parents are worried about normalising bad language, especially when it’s sexual or misogynistic, meaning such cursing may receive a higher age certification too.

The BBFC last carried out research in 2019 and just as was the case then, sexual violence continues to be the biggest area of concern for UK viewers.

Depictions of suicide and self-harm have risen to the second biggest area of concern, up from five years ago.

Meanwhile, audiences are more relaxed about depictions of cannabis and solvent misuse than before.

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