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A James Bond expert has revealed seven reasons why Aaron Taylor-Johnson would make the perfect 007, should the director be keen on him

A new report has gone viral today, claiming that the bookies’ favourite Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to sign on as the next James Bond this week having received a formal offer.

However, according to 007 expert and franchise insider Mark O’Connell (whose grandfather was a chauffeur for Cubby Broccoli, Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore on the Bond movies) the news should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The author of Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond fan, which Barbara Broccoli penned a prelude, posted on social media this morning: “Sources and rumours are like favourite James Bond actors…everyone has one.”

Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk he gave his thoughts on the validity of the speculation surrounding the 33-year-old rising star.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

O’Connell told us: “Whilst it is worth remembering that no director, writer or writers, release slot or even studio time has been locked in, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not a wrong call for Bond and the whole future of cinema’s biggest property. He would certainly be of the right movie ilk and hero calibre the Bond producers are mindful of and no doubt looking for.

“Aside from the physicality of Taylor-Johnson which arguably makes Daniel Craig look like Roger Moore, the young actor has straddled all the right tick boxes for a future 007. He has been a comic book actor with a fondly regarded supporting role (as Avengers’ Quicksilver) and an imminent leading Marvel role (Kraven the Hunter).

“He has a burgeoning backlog of films which people love and know, but have not maybe clicked he was in. The perfect example and 007 calling card is David Leitch’s Bullet Train, which lets Taylor-Johnson shine in a physically brutal, but comedically played powerhouse of a performance with a great tache. As Leitch then helms this summer’s The Fall Guy, he casts Ryan Gosling as Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s stunt double. That suggests a certain star power is rising in a film whose early reviews suggest it is the unabashed, visceral piece of entertainment any new Bond and new Bond film needs to be.

“Aaron and his director wife Sam Taylor-Johnson are familiar faces on the British, Hollywood and Bond scene. Sam first met her future husband when shooting the John Lennon drama Nowhere Boy with the actor in the leading role. She has also directed the Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black, which is about to hit cinemas. And in 2011 she directed Daniel Craig and Judi Dench in a James Bond themed short film focusing on women’s equality for 007 producer, Barbara Broccoli.”

O’Connell continued: “Taylor-Johnson himself has been directed by Oliver Stone (Savages), Joe Wright (Anna Karenina), Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass), Gareth Edwards (Godzilla), Christopher Nolan (Tenet), and Bond designer Tom Ford (Nocturnal Animals). His brilliantly quiet, bookish cameo in The King’s Man also positioned the actor in a London spy world with slick looks and poise. And that is where Taylor-Johnson stands tall in the Bond speculation line-up. With solid looks, those puppy dog eyes and rather substantial physical brawn, he is already known by the world’s leading lifestyle brands, photographers and red carpets. Additionally, he’s a movie star who has not yet had a massive break-out role taking away his potential 007 anonymity.

“Whilst this speculation fever for Aaron is not a wrong call, such a decision will involve a director. And Bond’s new production partners Amazon MGM Studios. And no director has yet been formally announced to take the 007th 007 forward. So maybe add a pinch of salt to that vodka Martini for right now.”

Industry outlet Deadline appears to agree with the comments, having shared an EON Productions source.

The Bond production company source said that “if [EON] spent its days reacting to reports about who is replacing Daniel Craig as 007, it would have time for little else.”

Deadline added: “This person steered us away from The Sun story this morning, but did not outright deny the report.”

However, an EON Productions source has independently told the BBC that there is “no truth in the rumours”. Although, that doesn’t mean he’s not in the running.

After all, Taylor-Johnson himself hasn’t exactly denied it, telling fashion magazine Numéro: “I find it charming and wonderful that people see me in that role. I take it as a great compliment.”

Whatever the case, something is clearly brewing behind the scenes and Bond fans will just have to be patient for now.

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