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Sir Ed Davey has been told there is “little appetite” for more negotiations with the EU after he touted the idea of reopening the trade deal with the bloc.

Sir Ed did not go so far as his predecessor as leader Jo Swinson, who committed her party to a policy of ignoring the result of the 2016 referendum and essentially scrapping Brexit before the 2019 general election.

However, speaking to Katya Adler on BBC, he made it clear he was envisioning a significantly closer relationship with Brussels than the one the UK has currently.

Referring to Sir Ed’s speech to the party’s spring conference, when he said he “wanted to return the UK to the heart of Europe”, Ms Adler said: “Do you mean in the single market back in or with access to bits of it?

“Because, you know, the EU is very clear about not having cake and eating it.

“You’re either in or you’re out and there is little appetite isn’t there, either here or in the EU, I can tell you, for lengthy negotiations again.

“The Conservatives’ trade deal was an utter disaster.”

Sir Ed claimed to have met with European politicians who were “open to a new deal, which would reduce the cost for our businesses and reduce costs in supermarkets and help our farmers and fishermen who are keen to sell their produce back in the EU.”

Ms Adler countered: “You’re either in the single market or you’re out of the single market in this case, and, for example, Norway is in the single market, but it’s not an EU member. They hate it.

“They say that you’re a rule-taker, but you don’t get to be a rule-maker anymore if you’re just in the single market and not an EU member.”

Sir Ed said: “Again, I agree with you. I don’t think we can go back in the single market in the next parliament.

“I think we’d want to renegotiate the trade deal.”

Sir Ed cited a recent conversation with Christian Lindner, Germany’s finance minister, recently and well as the leader of Germany’s Free Democratic Party

He explained: “He was saying that there is a trade deal on the table that would be short of the single market because to be honest, they don’t trust the UK after the damage that the Conservatives have done to our relationship with Europe, they’re not willing to engage with us on that level.

“But they are willing to have a much better trade deal than the one agreed by Boris Johnson because it’s damaging to Europe as well as to us.

“So I do think there is something that is will be sure to the single market in the next few years, but couldn’t rebuild that relationship and actually really help our economy.”

Ending the interview, Ms Adler said: “It sounds good but the devil’s always in the detail and there is little appetite for long, drawn out renegotiations.”

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