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Biden campaign touts busy March spent engaging voters, raising funds

The Biden campaign is out with its own data today about what they’re calling the “I’m On Board” Month of Action in March, which they spent fundraising, opening up offices and hiring staff.

“Our campaign is making early investments to connect directly with voters on the issues that will define this election and to build the infrastructure we need to win,” Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a press release.

“The difference between our ground game and Donald Trump’s nonexistent presence in the battleground states couldn’t be more clear – and the failing Trump campaign and the RNC can’t get this time back.”

Their accomplishments include opening up more than 100 offices, sending more than 2m text message and making 385,000 calls, and Joe Biden’s campaigning in all of this year’s swing states in the weeks since his State of the Union address.

Biden campaign’s hopes for turnaround hampered by new poll showing Trump leading in swing states

Good morning, US politics blog readers. Joe Biden has been an unpopular president for most of his administration, and recent polls have shown him trailing Donald Trump in states he must win in order to remain in the White House. Many Democrats have hoped recent weeks would mark a turnaround for the president, who gave a well-received State of the Union address, and then held fundraisers and campaigned in swing states across the country. But new polling from the Wall Street Journal indicates those efforts have not changed the dynamics of the race yet. Biden is behind Trump in six of the seven crucial swing states – most of which he carried in 2020.

Democrats have repeatedly been rocked by such polls in recent months, and hoped that as it becomes clear the November election is set to be a rematch between Trump and Biden, voters will shift their support to the president. We’ll see what they have to say about these latest findings.

Here’s what else is going on today:

  • The president said he was “outraged and heartbroken” over the deaths of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in an Israeli strike in Gaza. Follow our live blog for the latest on this story.

  • Trump and Biden swept their respective primaries in four battleground states last night, though some Democratic voters used the ballot to express their opposition to the president’s support for Israel.

  • The White House press briefing is scheduled for 1.30pm ET.

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