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If you’ve been eying up a brand new PlayStation 5, then you might want to wait a little bit longer before making a purchase. Judging by the latest rumours, it looks like the current PS5 console is about to become massively inferior to what Sony has in store for later this year. According to the rumours, Sony is planning to release a PS5 Pro console upgrade in late 2024, complete with improved specs for superior graphics and smoother performance in more demanding games. With Sony rumoured to be holding a State of Play conference in May, there’s a chance the PS5 Pro console will be revealed ahead of a late 2024 launch. 

According to a report on Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro System Memory will offer a 28% increase on the base model. The current model runs at 448 GB/s, while the PS5 Pro will reportedly increase the bandwidth to 576 GB/s.

As an added bonus, the PS5 Pro’s increased efficiency means the bandwidth gain may end up being even higher than 28%.

In theory, the improved system memory will allow the PlayStation 5 Pro to process data at a faster rate, which should help games that are running at a higher resolution.

Elsewhere, GPU rendering is reportedly 45% faster than PS5, resulting in superior ray-tracing by up to four times.

Sony is even planning 8K support in the future, although these capabilities aren’t currently available to developers.

What’s far less clear is when exactly the PlayStation 5 Pro will hit the shelves. 

While the console was reportedly pencilled in for a late 2024 release, a lack of new first-party Sony games may see the console delayed until next year.

Games like Marvel’s Wolverine and Death Stranding 2 aren’t expected until 2025, and there’s no word on when Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released.

Sony is reportedly planning to hold a State of Play Direct conference next month, which should shed some light on any new games and consoles.

The 2024 PS5 line-up will be mostly about third-party blockbusters, including the release of a handful of games that were previously exclusive to Xbox.

With games like Sea of Thieves coming to PS5 in the coming weeks, don’t be surprised if more Xbox exclusives like Starfield and Halo come to PlayStation 5 in the year ahead.

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