Freeview shutdown will leave your TV without long-running channel

A long-running TV channel which offers fans unique sports coverage has confirmed that it is closing its doors later this month.  SportyStuff TV, which is currently available to view for free on platforms including Sky and Freeview, will stop broadcasting its content from March 31 meaning it will soon vanish from screens across the UK.

The channel, which offers access to sporting events such as US motor racing, European Rally Championships and greyhound racing has been on air for 12 years but has now decided to call time on its output.

“This brings to a close 12 years of service provided by the Company to shareholders and viewers,” said Kevan Moretti, SportyStuff TV’s chairman & CEO in an update on the firm’s website.

“We would especially like to thank SportyStuffTV’s production staff, presenters, guests, crew, and suppliers for their continued support throughout.

“With inevitable sadness today, there is also much to be proud of and it is regrettable that external circumstances beyond our control have brought about this closure. 2023 was the Company’s most successful year of trading, so we leave now at the top of our game.”

It’s unclear why the channel is shutting down but more competition from rivals along with the explosion of streaming platforms and watching content via social media platforms may have made continuing too financially tough.

Although the channel loss will clearly be a blow to sports fans who have enjoyed watching action for free there is some brighter news on the horizon.

In a boost to what’s available to watch, the team at the GREAT! Network has just announced the launch of a new service that’s launching on March 20.

Called GREAT! Real, it will show purely unscripted content with shows such as Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport, Island Medics, Emergency Rescue: Air, Paddington Station 24/7 and Coast Guard Alaska all being shown on the platform.

Speaking about the launch, Steve Hornsey, Narrative Entertainment’s VP of Movies & Entertainment, said: “With an array of observational series focusing on dramatic real-life events and human stories, GREAT! Real will take audiences to the heart of the action with an exciting, engaging and relatable content mix that perfectly complements our existing brands.”

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