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Six in 10 adults have been inspired to take up or do something new after reading – including change career, learn a new language, and climb a mountain, research has found. A poll of 2,000 adults, who read for pleasure, found 26 percent have been compelled to make a positive change to their lives after reading.

As many as 25 percent said they’re “likely” to try something new after reading about it, while 57 percent agree anyone looking for inspiration should get stuck into a good book.

Other things those polled have been inspired to do by the pages of a book include travel, write, and cook at home.

The study, commissioned by makers of the Galaxy Tab S9 Series, Samsung, found that reading helps 77 percent to relax, while 49 percent said it makes them feel “happier”.

Broadcaster Nick Grimshaw, who has partnered with the tech giants for “The Creative Station”, a pop-up in London Waterloo station that gives a platform to the positive power of reading, said: “Reading is something I try and make time for every day, either to help me relax, to help on a creative project, or to try new things – whether that’s taking my hand to writing, or researching a new project.”

And speaking specifically about the pop-up, he hopes it will “help people unlock their own creativity”, and “even unearth an inspirational author or two”.

The study also found that 86 percent believe reading can have a positive impact on our lives, with 69 percent of readers using the pastime as an escape from everyday life.

And 82 percent consider reading so important, they “never” travel without having something to read.

Fiction books are the most popular form of book, for 77 percent of readers. And 52 percent like to get stuck into a book in a long, dedicated session – with the average reading session stretching out for a leisurely 45 minutes.

Open for two weeks, Samsung’s one-of-a-kind experience will allow commuters to explore their creative side through a series of interactive workshops and activities, set to inspire people as they wait for their train.

Passers-by will be able to tuck into a host of recommended reads, and join the Book Club Tab Club hosted by BookTok and YouTube star, Freya Nightingale, among other activities.

Annika Bizon, spokeswoman for Samsung’s “The Creative Station”, powered by the Galaxy Tab S9 Series, added: “We believe that the joy of getting lost in reading can be enhanced by technology – taking adventures off paper and onto devices, so they can be enjoyed wherever you are.

“Our exciting pop-up experience at London Waterloo allows readers to express their creativity, ignite inspiration, and immerse themselves in their favourite reads.”

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